Who we are

ACET Nigeria exists to provide sustainable healthcare, livelihood and psychosocial support for children, young people and vulnerable populations for the transformation of lives and communities.


ACET Nigeria is a member of the ACET International Alliance (AIA). The Alliance is a group of independent organizations around the world working to reduce the rate of new HIV infections, caring for those affected by HIV/AIDS and supporting orphans and vulnerable children.

  • Educating young people through our Esteem programme
  • Sharing our expertise on these issues through delivering Esteem training and providing resources to those who work with young people and communities, including youth workers, teachers and health practitioners
  • Providing support to parents on how to talk to their children about relationships and sex
  • Training and mobilizing churches to facilitate conversations around relationships and sex
  • Working with and training international partners who share our vision and mission and who are committed to mobilizing the church to promote healthy relationships, improve sexual health and respond to the HIV pandemic
  • Providing a channel for donors to support the work of our international partners in delivering education and training, and care for those whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS

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The HIV landscape

We began in the 1980s as a compassionate response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic. The HIV landscape, has of course, changed considerably since then. There have been substantial advances in antiretroviral treatment and vast improvements in the accessibility of the medication. However, stigma and discrimination are still present, in many countries not everyone who needs the treatment has access to it and HIV still has a significant impact on the lives of millions of adults and children across the world. Therefore, helping to facilitate the delivery of HIV prevention, care and support programmes in a number of key communities continues to be a priority for us.

Healthy food

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Medical care

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Alice Boyd, co-founder

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