ACET Nigeria Praise and Prayer for September 2017

Sept. 1: Praise God for being so gracious to us in the month of August 2017. We successfully completed the 2017 STEER Project year; and we had opportunity to apply for an extension of four months (September to December). Save the Children also asked ACET Nigeria to take on an additional responsibility in the STEER Project work in 10 communities of Wase LGA. Pray for approval of the extension application and successful implementation of the project in Wase and Langtang South LGAs.

Sept. 2: Praise God for helping Hemen Manasseh and Iorlaha Priscilla, ACET Staff in Benue State to affect the lives of many living positively in their unit. Pray for a renewed passion among ACET volunteers in Wannune. Pray also that God will give us fresh ideas and funding that will push the work in Benue State forward. Hemen Manasseh lost two relatives of his wife. Pray for consolation and resources to facilitate their successful burials on the 12th of September.

Sept. 3: Pray for spiritual strength for Mr. Aondofa Desmond of Likpo as he continues to facilitate a viable kids club for children in his community. Pray that God would give him grace to overcome the apathy of some parents towards kids clubs in the community. Give thanks for ACET in Singburi, Thailand as they have been asked to extend their schools education programme to senior secondary school children. The government has revised their programme to be more suitable for these older children, many of whom are already sexually active. Pray for wisdom in presenting the teaching and acceptance by the young people.

Sept. 4 Praise God for His help to the staff team as they have progressed well with documentation of services in beneficiaries’ folders in the month of August. Pray for the success of the Data Quality Assessment (DQA) by USAID team this week. Pray for James Utik and his wife that God would intervene in all that troubles them as a family. An elderly man who is HIV infected in Singburi Thailand trusted the Lord some time ago. Now that he has terminal cancer he is unable to attend church.  However he is so happy that a small group meets in his home which he attends along with his mother who is also believing in the Lord. Please pray that his faith in the Lord will be strengthened.

Sept. 5: Thank God for the successful completion of the Microenterprise Fundamental (MEF) Training for caregivers in Langtang South in August 2017; we recorded 96.5% attendance and some caregivers have started responding to the training by joining Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) and some who were not doing any income generating activities (IGAs) have started. Pray that God would grant Ibrahim Waziri Matthew and Joshua Ugbede Ogwuche the wisdom to carry out planned activities for September. Pray for Sunday as he approaches the Nigerian Immigration office in Abuja for Cable gram for Sarah tomorrow.

Sept. 6: House of Grace in Chantaburi Thailand: Maria, the younger daughter of Kitisak and Jariya the directors of the House of Grace, will begin a one year master’s degree course in Westminster University in London next month. Her parents plan to travel with her to visit England for six weeks from mid-August when they hope to visit some friends of the House of Grace and ACET Thailand. Please pray that this will be an encouraging and refreshing time for them.  Please pray for May, their older daughter who will be in charge whilst they are away. 49 children aged 4 to 25 are now being cared for by the House of Grace.

Sept. 7: Thank God for journey mercy for HES Officers travelling into communities in spite of rough terrain and muddy roads this rainy season. Pray for financial open doors to be able to enroll one our older vulnerable children, Ponkur Emmanuel who is affected by HIV (his father abandoned him with his mother and younger sister both living with HIV some three years ago – the sister is now dead and the mother is bedridden with AIDS), so that he can learn tailoring skill and be able to generate money from it to assist his mother. The sum of NGN58,000 (NGN18,000 needed for the 2 years apprenticeship training and NGN40,000 needed for a sewing machine to enable him practice at home).

Sept. 8: Praise God for Joshua Omonoji, ACET Volunteer in Anyigba, Kogi State who provides care and support services for a household where four people are living with HIV and needs encouragement and funds to make him more effective in the services he provides.

Sept. 9: Praise God for Blue Sky Trust for increased favour and raised profile getting a voice in various places.  Thank God for a new activist team we are setting up for raising clients’ voices. Pray for God’s provision of a new building that is suitable and appropriate for their service users as they have been given a quit notice to vacate their present building in the Autumn.

Sept. 10: Praise God for His help for Sunday A. U. Musa, Executive Director as his PhD Proposal Seminar received approval on 11th August, 2017; he now has a go-ahead to embark on the field research work. Pray for God’s help as he needs EUR1,924 (NGN833,092) to procure the six sets of IgG and IgM ELISA kits for the serology part of his work from Germany, and an estimated NGN1,500,000 for the molecular assay in a DNA laboratory in Nigeria. Pray for wisdom and strength as he combines the ever-increasing work demands with his studies.

Sept. 11: Thank God for his ever increasing love and mercy to the family of Ibrahim Waziri Matthew. Pray for open doors of finance to be able to meet some pressing financial needs of the family. Pray for children of ACET staff as they resume school for another session from today. Pray for God’s provision of school fees. Pray for a special provision for the 8 orphans whose school fees ACET Nigeria has been paying since 2013; that God would provide for this new session.

Sept. 12: Praise Godfor the success of training of 14 pastors and missionaries on comprehensive approach to HIV intervention in churches and communities in Abuja from 21st to 25th August in partnership with Missionary Training Partners International (MTPI) Abuja. Pray for Sunday Musa and Simon Aboje as they work with Rev. Segun Adekoya, MTPI Director, follow up on the participants to be able to implement their action plans.

Sept. 13: Nireekshana ACET: Thanksgiving for the marriage of Sujai and Lavanya’s daughter, Naomi Vishaka, to David Samir on 28th June, 2017. 
Please pray for 4 proposals to find favour and be granted. (2 of India collaboration and 2 small grant projects).
For Nireekshana to remain strong and faithful to God’s purposes.

Sept. 14: Give thanks to God for Esther Daret, Accountant as she appreciates God for keeping her faithful in the workforce of ACET Nigeria; Pray for the Nigerian youth, that God would help them to know and serve Him with all their hearts and live in purity. Pray for Ojodugbowa Emmanuella, Sunday’s first daughter who is leaving home today for the first time to secondary (high) school that the mighty hand of the Lord would be upon her and she would be protected from negative peer influence.

Sept. 15: Praise God for the family of Mr. Goladi Tafor, Volunteer Coordinator in Mabudi, Langtang South LGA for their choice of Jesus Christ. Pray that God would continue to help him with the grace and discipline to be faithful to God as a revenue collector in public service. Pray that God would help him to provide the financial and other basic requirements of his children’s education.

Sept. 16: Worship God for Danladi Nanwor, a vulnerable child from Magama, Langtang South, who was admitted by ACET intervention at Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), Zamko with meningitis, was unconscious, convulsing, under oxygen therapy and she is now home with improved health and nutrition. Pray for her quick recovery as she continues with medication, nutritional and physiotherapy.

Sept. 17: Thank God for the big success that Scripture Union West Africa (SUWA) is making in their STEER Project and Peace Building work with Tearfund in Nigeria. Pray for God’s on the staff and volunteers of Scripture Union West Africa (SUWA); and ask for God’s guide

Sept. 18: Praise God for continuing supplies for the family of Isaac Joshua, M&E Officer. So far, much has been done to reduce backlog of work in the Monitoring and Evaluation work. Pray for wisdom and strength needed to complete the remaining part in good time. Pray for wisdom for Isaac as he oversees the Social Work aspect of the STEER Project from September to December 2017.

Sept. 19: Pray for God’s blessing on a proposal which ACET Nigeria is discussing with an Implementing Partner in Nigeria on community HIV and TB care in target communities of Plateau and Nassarawa States. Thank God for granting Plangkat Jonah Damilep strength for service, journey mercies, and good health in the month of August. Pray for wisdom, strength, knowledge, grace and direction for the work in September.

Sept. 20: Bless the name of the Lord for the opportunity we had to share our project vision for ACET Mabudi Service Centre with the Local Government Council Secretary on 31st August. Pray that another appointment to see the Council Chairman would yield positive results. Pray that God would provide funding for drilling of industrial borehole and establishment of water treatment plant that can supply safe water to the community and for the establishment of early childhood development (ECD) centre.

Sept. 21: Praise God for the Social Work component of ACET work as God is helping both staff and community case management workers (CCMWs) in the understanding of the expected deliverables. Praise God for Paul Joel Gunen as he has secured admission to take a Master Degree course at Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN), that God will sustain him and see him through. Pray for God’s reward for the two years of service he has put in ACET service as a staff. Pray that God would enable him to fulfil he desire to continue with ACET as a volunteer (when possible) from September 2017.

Sept. 22: Praise God for David Kabiswa, ACET Uganda Director, who has started to peruse some documents in respect of the evaluation of ACET Nigeria five years implementation from April 2013 to December 2017 and to facilitate strategic planning for another five years (January 2018 to December 2022. Pray for insight and inspiration so he can effectively facilitate the process in November/December 2017.

Sept. 23: Pray for the Board and Trustees as they decide what happens for ACET Nigeria in the future. Pray for Rev. Sam and Dr. Rhoda Udanyi as they keep supporting Sunday in the leadership of the work in Nigeria.

Sept. 24: Praise God for the commitment of Itoro Mathias Thompson, Data Entry Clerk, for regular safety to and fro Mabudi and for the success of STEER project implementation in the year 2017. Pray for her to recover quickly from her ill-health and pray for strength and grace on all project staff in carry out their duty.

Sept. 25: Pray for Itoro Mathias, ACET Data Entry Clerk for strength, speed and accuracy as she manages the documentation of STEER Project data. The demand of documenting accumulated HIV services and referrals over the past three years is huge; pray for Mrs. Dorcas Mangbar, HIV and Gender Officer as she works with her and other project officers to complete this documentation in the first two weeks of August

Sept. 26: Give thanks to the Lord for His good hand upon Mrs. Charity Adejoh as she handles the administrative duties of ACET Nigeria. Pray for God’s comfort on Mr. Simon Aboje and his family as he lost his elder brother on 29th August, 2017. Pray for continuous unity among staff.

Sept. 27: Pray for 8 staff and a number of community case management workers (CCMWs) recruited by another organisation which ACET Nigeria is receiving to work on the STEER Project in Wase for four months (September to December) that there would be good understanding of the way ACET works and good conduct and commitment to implement the project well.

Sept. 28: Praise God for Uduf Yohopp Emmanuel, ACET Akwanga Service Centre staff who join the STEER team and assisted them in Mabudi for ten days in August. Pray for divine reward and God’s provision for her work in Nassarawa State as she has returned to base from 1st September.

Sept. 29: Thank God for Sarah who has been preparing to come to Nigeria in the second week of October to deliver Esteem training to staff and volunteers. Pray for safety and hitch-free journey to Nigeria. Pray for the peace of Abuja and Nigeria as a whole so that this training would be a reality.

Sept. 30: Worship the King for keeping us safe in all our travels and work in difficult terrain in the month of August. Pray for a triumphant entry into the month of October with God’s presence and guidance. Pray for open doors and fruitful partnership in the next round of relationships with funders.

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