Our work

The operational climate in Nigeria has changed over the past five years with a growing level of conflict in the country and a growing sense of pessimism and discouragement. In view of all that, the following will be priority areas for ACET interventions in 2018 to 2022:.


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To achieve our health and nutrition goal we:

  • Build capacity of churches and communities to prevent and mitigate the impact of HIV infections and non-communicable diseases
  • Provide community care on HIV, TB, Malaria and related illnesses among Children, young people and vulnerable populations
  • Provide ARV adherence support and monitoring services
  • Strengthen linkage and referral systems for vulnerable households to access comprehensive healthcare services
  • Facilitate the development of community based health insurance scheme
  • Provide medical laboratory services
  • Provide mobile health services for vulnerable populations
  • Create demand for and support quality ANC and post-natal services
  • Facilitate access of vulnerable households to complete schedule of routine immunization services
  • Equip communities to adopt improved food storage facilities and practices
  • Develop a nutrition curriculum and facilitate infant and young child support groups
  • Promote nutrition education and counseling for vulnerable households
  • Provide family planning education and support for vulnerable populations


Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Services (SRH, SGBV and Life Skills)

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To achieve our SRH, SGBV and Life Skills goal we:

  • Build capacity of pastors and church workers for SRH and life skills education among children and young people
  • Build capacity of faith leaders and gender champions to facilitate community dialogue on prevention and impact mitigation of SGBV
  • Build the capacity of pastors and church workers to provide psychosocial support to children, young people and vulnerable populations affected by SGBV and conflict, and
  • Develop and launch social media outlets for SRH and PSS services


Child Care and protection

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To achieve the child care and protection goal, we:

  • Facilitate birth registration for vulnerable children
  • Mobilise communities to provide adequate shelter for vulnerable households
  • Provide psycho-social support for vulnerable children
  • Build capacity of couples/parents on positive parenting to enable them provide age appropriate care for their children
  • Provide early childhood development services for vulnerable children to enable them grow well
  • Provide growth monitoring and support services for vulnerable children
  • Facilitate linkage and referral to legal aid services for vulnerable children and their families
  • Facilitate the formation and running of community based child protection committees and quality improvement teams


Household Empowerment)

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To achieve the household economic strengthening goal, we:

  • Develop ACET SLA module
  • Build capacity of vulnerable households on improved agricultural practices for improved crop and livestock production
  • Build capacity of vulnerable households on financial literacy and IGAs for increased households’ income
  • Facilitate the formation and support of saving and loans groups for increased access to IGAs start-up capital
  • Facilitate linkages and referral to agricultural extension workers and service organisations for increased access to improved seeds and mechanised facilities, and
  • Facilitate linkage to micro-credit facilities


Environmental protection and sustainability

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To achieve environment goal, we:

  • Increase access of vulnerable households to safe water and sanitation for improved health, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity;
  • Increase access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and renewable energy for vulnerable households;
  • Build capacity of vulnerable populations to combat climate change and mitigate its impact;
  • and Combat desertification, and halt/reverse land degradation